Drop the Wall Releases Statement Regarding Veto Failure on Emergency Wall

Drop the Wall is saddened at the result of the failed house vote to override President Donald Trump’s veto. Drop the Wall wishes to remind its followers that the United States Congress is two houses, with both voting to override the veto. Additionally, we should all feel resolve that the overwhelming 248 majority vote made it clear, we stand united, bipartisan as Americans.

We continue to believe the billions being siphoned from the Treasury and Defense department represents a fantastical misappropriation of funds, insubordinate to the American People and Constitutional Law. The belief we have a porous border or that America draws criminals is a blatant disregard for the values of immigration.

We believe the classification of our border as a National Emergency is a lie and the veto an obstruction of the will of the American people. This decision has sparked criticism across both sides of the aisle.

We will not give up the fight. It is important to donate now more than ever.